City Projects


Packard Avenue North - Sewer & Water

Hazardous Sidewalk Project
  • Hazardous sidewalks that were marked will be replaced in the City between the blocks of Swift and Lake Drive.
Stormwater Alley Improvement
  • Another development at Squire & Layton requires the replacement of the alley at 3500 Layton.  This project will utilize a new stormwater friendly alley construction style with porous pavers down the center.
Parking Lot & Plaza Upgrades
  • With DNR grant money, the public parking lot at Squire and the Plaza at Layton & Packard will be reconstructed using porous pavers for stormwater quality.  Both methods will help improve stormwater quality in the area, while giving a beautiful landscape.
Looking Ahead - Additional projects moving forward into 2017 and beyond
  • Grange Avenue storm sewer relief
  • College Avenue lift station replacement
  • Packard Avenue from Cudahy Ave. to Lunham Ave. road reconstruction
  • Northeast sanitary sewer relay
  • Van Norman Avenue Storm sewer improvements
  • Miscellaneous overlay road resurfacing projects
  • Miscellaneous Sewer & water projects
  • 3600 blocks of Morris Avenue and Adams Avenue road reconstruction
  • College Avenue/Grant Park storm sewer relief

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