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This year 2019 Drop Off Passes will be issued upon request to eligible property owners. City of Cudahy Drop-Off Site Ticket Order Request Forms are available as of Monday, March 4th, 2019, either Downloadable Form on the website OR stop in at the DPW Desk during regular business hours to pick up a blank form…Orders will be distributed beginning Week of March 18th, 2019
2019 Drop-Off Site Ticket Order Form


Warmer weather has finally come to greet us! Another Wisconsin winter is hopefully in our rear view mirror!   

  • Pothole Patching – DPW crews have been through the entire city twice. However, the rain and winter season has created many holes. Many of the potholes appear after we have been through, tho. We will be continuing to patch from E. Dale Ave and working our way south; 
  • Tree Trimming Continues – The targeted trimming area for 2018-2019 will be completed by Monday, March 18th. We will then start to trim in the 2019-2020 designated area. DPW will be starting east of S. Packard Ave on E. Lunham Ave. working south. We will try to get as far as we can before the trees start to bloom and we have to shut it down until November;    

  • Sanitary Sewer Cleaning – Crews continue sewer cleaning on E. Layton Ave. Once crews finish with E. Layton Ave. we will be able to move into the next phase - E. Ramsey Ave working south from S. Pennsylvania Ave to S. Lake Dr.;    

  • Storm Culvert Ditching – DPW will be removing the silt and cattails from the culverts on S. Pennsylvania Ave and E. Grange Ave. By doing this, it will allow the storm water to flow easier to its final destination. The obstructions in the culverts slow down the flow creating backups in catch basins - similar to being on I-94 at 5:00pm on a Friday; AND,  

  • DPW Facebook Page - NEW – Cudahy DPW has created a new Facebook page ... We'll have updates and information regarding present & upcoming projects. Like us @ Cudahy Public Works!


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