Mayor John Hohenfeldt

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Address:  5050 S. Lake Dr.

In office since April 2013

Greetings from the Office of the Mayor:

Once again, we were blessed with a mild winter. Although we were hit with only a couple of snowstorms, they were near- record amounts. But whatever the season, there are plenty of things to do here in the greatest city in the state. Spring and summer are just around the corner and I invite you to take advantage of the many upcoming civic activities. I ask that you support our community organizations here in Cudahy and the South Shore.

I encourage our residents and visitors to attend the Library Harvest Fest, Pumpkins in Pulaski Park, Hometown Holiday, Jen’s Sweet Treats Honor Flight Fundraiser, Library Vendor Fair, the Historical Society Santa at the depot and many other fun events.

We invite you to enjoy the many events to come this spring and summer including the City’s Arbor Day Celebration, Memorial Day Celebration, Historical Society Bike Auction, 128th Civic Dinner Dance, the Cudahy Fourth of July parade and daylong celebration, City Lounge’s City Fest, Cudahy Lion’s Club Sweet Applewood Festival, National Night Out, and the events held by the Friends of Sheridan Park and Pulaski Park Friends. The City of Cudahy advertises each of these and other happenings sponsored by businesses and community organizations on the City’s website, under the news section.

In October of 2016, the city welcomed Youth In Motion South Shore to the former South Shore YMCA at 3244 East College Avenue. The vacant building is now breathing new life into our community and I was honored to attend their grand opening celebration. Our residents look forward to their programming and vision of offering services to our communities with a similar mission as the old YMCA.

The Common Council, Community Development Authority and Plan Commission reviewed and approved various items and business before the city. I have provided a monthly summary in my attempt to keep our residents informed.

October 2016: The Plan Commission approved a General Development Plan for Penn Place (the former landfill site) on the corners of Pennsylvania and Layton Avenues. This area has been long overdue for development, and the city has been working extremely hard to bring development to this site since the land was acquired by the Community Development Authority

November 2016: The Common Council approved the annual budget and tax levy after holding a public hearing. The City receives and controls approximately thirty cents of your tax dollar, with the other seventy cents controlled by other taxing jurisdictions. While seeing a slight increase in transportation and local road aid, that minimal increase coupled with municipal tax levy limits cause us to make tough choices on the services we provide, and to live within our means.

The Plan Commission reviewed and approved a change of use at 3467 East Layton Avenue from a former rooming house to an apartment building with retail at street level. Those plans have now been submitted to the State of Wisconsin for their approvals. While I have built a local government that moves things through in an expeditious fashion, other agencies approvals are out of our control and can sometimes cause substantial delays to projects.

December 2016: The Common Council passed a resolution requesting that the State of Wisconsin provide more state funding toward local roads. While we did receive a slight increase in state funds for 2017, that increase would cover the milling and repaving of one quarter of one city block. Being prudentially fiscal, the Common Council approved changes to policy in our Sanitary and Storm Sewer Funds that 25 percent of any annual surplus in those funds be exclusively held in a reserve fund to for capital equipment and main replacement. These efforts will reduce future borrowing costs by the utilities saving the rate payers money in the long run. The Plan Commission also approved the architectural plan and signage proposals for Mr. Car Wash, the new owners of 5506 South Packard Avenue.

January 2017: The City and consulting Engineers submitted our permits to construct storm water, grading, and other plans to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. These plans are currently under review by the DNR and we hope to receive a positive approval soon to allow the city to finalize agreements for development on the site. Until we received DNR approval, we are not allowed to move anything forward.

The Community Development Authority reviewed and approved a traffic study by Graef Engineering regarding traffic flow in and around the district, which was later recommended and approved by our Traffic and Safety Commission.

During the process of developing the plans and submitting for approval, the Community Development Authority approved a resolution for a land sale to an extended stay hotel with an option for a second hotel in the Penn Place Development District. We continue to market the site for other potential development as a planned mixed use development. Our hopes are that the DNR will allow for approvals for the hotel to begin construction in the fall of this year.

January and February 2017: Governing bodies approved the CDA recommended Penn Place Traffic Study. After holding a public hearing, the Plan Commission approved the conditional use permit request for City Lounge allowing for their July City Limits City Fest.

The Common Council also approved a resolution and procedures for residential property owners to apply for the replacement of lead water service lines under a grant received from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. More information on this program can be obtained by contacting the Cudahy Water Utility.

February saw the grand opening of Layton Square residential and street grade retail development on the corners of Layton and Kingan Avenue. As of mid-March, over sixty percent of the residential units are occupied and half of the retail space is rented. We will be welcoming P T Pros, a physical therapy provider to half of the street space in May of this year. The opening of this exciting development has been something the City has been looking for within our downtown since 1994. It adds to the continued growth and progress within our downtown area.

With the reconstruction of Packard Avenue completed in October of 2016, the City of Cudahy was notified that we were awarded the Construction Project of the Year by the State of Wisconsin Chapter of the American Public Works Association. While the City will be receiving our state award in May, our project is now up for consideration for a national award by the American Public Works Association. As Mayor, I am extremely honored to have our staff and community honored in this way. Usually, a community never gets the chance to rebuild a main street. However, the City of Cudahy has done it and done it right. We are honored to be receiving state-wide and hopefully, national recognition.

Over the winter, our Department of Public Works, along with an outside contractor, worked extremely hard on the backlog of tree removals and trimming which we continue to chip away at. Through the budget process, the Common Council appropriated an additional $250,000 in funds for these efforts. Crews are out and will continue to be out through the end of April.

Maintaining infrastructure is an important part of local government. The Department of Public Works and Engineering Departments will be working on other various infrastructure projects including…

  • Road replacement on the section of Packard Avenue from Cudahy Avenue north to our city border.
  • The Grange Avenue sewer and water extension to accommodate growth at the 128th Air Refueling Wing.
  • Parking lot and plaza upgrades within our downtown.
  • Concrete patching project at various locations within the city during the summer and fall of 2017.

March 2017: The Plan Commission approved expansion plans for Ewald’s Venus Ford on Layton Avenue, as well as district wide plans for improvements at buildings owned by the School District of Cudahy. Through the referendum process, the voters of this community graciously approved the funds for these school improvements.

We are blessed to have a school district that offers so many opportunities to our students and shares the results with our community. They include five great performances of the Wizard of Oz, the Forensics Team competing at State as well as our Cudahy High School Varsity Girls Basketball team, Powerlifters and Wrestlers. Our School District and Community has a lot to be proud of. As always, I encourage all residents to support all of the great programming our schools have to offer.

In closing, as your Mayor, I will continue to advocate on your behalf to other taxing jurisdictions to provide excellent services to residents of our community. I will continue to focus on the positive within our community, and work on the not so good to make our City better. I will continue to encourage our residents to take advantage of all of the offerings within in our community. Cudahy has a lot to offer, please take advantage and get involved in your community! 

John R. Hohenfeldt


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