Resolutions Presented to Cudahy Residents:

On the evenings of April 18 and May 2, 2017, the Office of the Mayor and Common Council presented resolutions to three Cudahy residents who were involved in a medical emergency earlier this year in our community.  Through the quick actions and administering of CPR, the life of a Cudahy resident was saved, and the resident was conveyed to a local hospital for treatment, and is now doing well.

Without these efforts of heroism by Adam Behnke, LuAnn Barber and Rick Mostowik, the Cudahy Fire Department and medical providers have determined that there would not have been a positive outcome to this emergency, without their efforts.  The Office of the Mayor and Common Council provided resolutions to each of these individuals for their heroism and willingness to provide aid to a resident in need.

Mayor John Hohenfeldt
City of Cudahy

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