As you are aware, the City of Cudahy has been actively working internally within departments, as well as the Milwaukee County Circuit Court system to resolve the issue of the property at 3802 East Barnard Avenue.  This has been an eyesore which the city has been working on over a five year period.  It is not because of the lack of effort on the cities part, however we must follow legal state statues and court procedures. 

In June of 2016, the City Attorney and City of Cudahy received the Milwaukee County Circuit Court’s signed order appointing a receiver to be responsible for attempting to sell the property in finding a buyer that would fix up the property into a livable condition.

For a period of almost 10 months, more time and effort has been put into this property by the court appointed receiver, Mayor, City Attorney, and Director of Economic Development to sell this property that the city does not own.  Unfortunately, after receiving several offers to purchase on the property, none of these offers would make the necessary financial commitment to fixing up the property, thus eliminating the blight. Additionally, the Common Council also committed additional resources to this matter through their approvals, but unfortunately all efforts have not worked to any avail. 

What is next?  The property through Milwaukee County Circuit Court action is now going through the foreclosure process, and sheriff’s sale.  Any new owner will be required to either fix up the property, or raise the current standing structure.

Again while some residents may find this unbelievable, this is the legal system that the City of Cudahy has had to work under, and could not perform actions until we received the signed order from the Circuit Court.  As our Mayor, your city government has done everything we can, under the legal constraints, to eliminate the blight.  Hopefully, this matter will be resolved soon.

Mayor John Hohenfeldt
City of Cudahy

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