The Common Council of the City of Cudahy, through municipal ordinance, has added two citizen members to the Finance Committee of the City of Cudahy.  The Finance Committee is a standing committee of the Common Council dealing with financial matters of the city.

Two voting citizen members have been appointed to the Finance Committee, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Common Council.  The appointees shall serve two year terms and will be required to attend evening meetings of the Finance Committee.  A preference will be shown to citizen members with degrees or experience in finance, accounting, or business.

Currently, one citizen member appointment is vacant on the committee.  The Office of the Mayor is soliciting interested residents for this appointment.

If you are interested in serving as a member of the Finance Committee, please submit a letter of interest or use the volunteer appointment application form which can be found on the cities website under the government boards and commissions page.

Mayor John Hohenfeldt
City of Cudahy

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