Starting Wednesday September 26th construction will start at City Hall’s front parking lot and it will be closed to all vehicles for approximately one month. The map provided shows the temporary parking situation that will have to take place in order to accommodate everyone as best as possible. 
Parking Lot access shall be maintained at the southern entrance off of Lake Drive (between City Hall and the Water Utility) for all City Hall Staff and Visitors, however, the northern driveway will be completely closed.  This will require everyone in the lot to use the gravel exit ramp in the back and leave through the High School Parking Lot.  City Hall and Health Department Visitors will be parking in the back where normally the employees park.  

Police Department visitors and Court attendees will be parking on the Southside of the building where Police employees normally park.  There will be a temporary marked path for entering the Police Department and center set of City Hall Doors.  Due to the safety of visitors, the City Hall doors located by the Health Department will be closed and not accessible throughout the project.   The temporary entrance for visitors to City Hall and Health Department will be located at the back door which is normally the employee entrance only.  This door will be auto opened from 7:30am to 4:30pm.  Throughout the project there will be a gravel path connecting the City parking lot to the High School parking lot.  This path is the dedicated exit for vehicular traffic for both Visitors and the Police vehicles.  This exit will take vehicles out through the High School parking lot.

As shown on the map, the Farmer’s Market will continue just a little further south than normal and the USPS mailbox will be shifted south near the water utility.

We apologize for the inconvenience throughout the construction project.  Hopefully the weather cooperates and the project can get completed in a timely matter. “

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