Drop Off Ticket Request

Please use this online request form to request spring cleanup tickets and yard waste/recyclable tickets for use at the drop-off site.  This form must be completed by property owners in the City of Cudahy.  Please do not use this form for questions; questions about the spring cleanup/yard waste tickets or the City Drop off site may be directed to the Public Works Department at 414-769-2216.

For owner occupied properties, please include:
  • Copy of Picture ID
For property owners who do not reside at the property, please include:
  • Copy of Picture ID
  • Copy of most recent tax bill identifying you as the property owner.  Tax bills may be obtained here.
Failure to upload a copy of picture ID will void requests.  

Property Owner:
Property Address:
Mailing Address (if different from above):
Email Address:
Photo ID:

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