Clerk/ Treasurer

The Clerk/Treasurer's Office maintains all official records and financial documents of the City of Cudahy.  The department is also responsible for the accounting, collection and disbursement of all city money.  The Clerk/Treasurer's office:

  • Serves as support staff for the mayor, common council, boards and commissions
  • Monitors compliance with Open Meetings and Open Records laws
  • Administers the election process, business licensing and insurance coverages
  • Implements state law and municipal code requirements
  • Sends out real estate and personal property tax statements
  • Collects real estate and personal property tax payments
  • Collects all monies received from residents and other city departments
  • Issues dog and cat licenses and other licenses required by the city

City Clerk/Treasurer: Dennis Broderick (

Dir. of Office Services: Kelly Sobieski (