2050 - Comprehensive Plan (Preliminary)

The City of Cudahy has initiated updates to the current 2020 Comprehensive Plan.  The revisions and updates will be included in the "2050 - Comprehensive Plan (Preliminary)".

On June 22nd starting at 5:30pm, the public is invited to participate in a public hearing to provide feedback on the revised plan.  The public hearing will be held at the Cudahy Family Library (Winter Garden) and representatives from SEWPRC will be available to answer any questions beginning at 4:00pm prior to the public hearing. 

Members of the Common Council, Planning Commission, and CDA (Community Development Authority" will be on hand as well to listen to public comment and the SEWPRC presentation.

Copies of the "2050 - Comprehensive Plan" can be requested at either City Hall or the Cudahy Family Library.

Wisconsin Statute Section 66.1001(4)(f) requires that county and local governments maintain a list of people who want to be informed of comprehensive plan changes. If you would like to be added to this list please contact the insert appropriate City contact with contact info.  Please contact the "Business Development" email if your wish to be added to the list or call 414-769-2215 and have your name added to the list.