Reminders About Winter Regulations

Reminders about winter regulations
  • Overnight parking regulations will be strictly enforced. That requires that vehicles must be parked on the proper side of the street. 
  • There is no overnight parking in City parking lots.
  • Vehicles cannot be parked within 2’ of the alley pavement.
  • The sidewalk including the crosswalk in front of your property must be clear of snow and ice for the full width of the sidewalk within 24 hours after the snow has fallen. If it is not done within that time period and the City receives a complaint, the City removes the snow without notice starting with a minimum fee of $180.00.
  • Snow cannot be pushed, shoveled, thrown or plowed from private property into and onto streets and across streets and alleyways. If you contract with a company to do your plowing – please inform them of this.  The property owner will be cited and invoiced for the snow removal.
  • Please clear out fire hydrants and your garbage/recycling carts