Milw. County Bus Stops Reduced in Cudahy

Milwaukee County Transit Systems have notified the City that they are eliminating a handful of stops along the 15 Route and one stop along the 52 route that will affect Cudahy residents. The following locations have been removed from the stops:

  • 6045 Packard (Northbound & Southbound)
  • Packard & Ladish (Northbound)
  • Packard & Mallory (Southbound)
  • Packard & Underwood ( Southbound)
  • Packard & Martin (Northbound)
  • Packard & Munkwitz (Northbound)
  • Packard & Pabst (Southbound)
  • KinnicKinnic & Bottsford (Northbound & Southbound)  KK & Bottsford has been restored 
  • 5601 Pennsylvania (Southbound Route 52)
Milwaukee County Transit staff have placed signs at each stop location with the notification that the route would be no longer serviced.  Please visit the following MCTS website for more information on their route adjustments moving forward.  MCTS Route Info